The Intergalactic Union was created as a series of alliances between a group of races who became known as the Founding Races.

As part of their larger goal to expand the alliances to included as many races and cultures as they could spanning many galaxies they created the Universal Standard System which included a calendar and a language known as Common.

The Universal Standard System established a way for diverse cultures to trade between one another. The language Common was easily learnt and able to be spoken by virtually every type of culture that communicated through spoken words and included a writing system as well. The calendar also established a way to schedule meetings and deliveries.

1 USY(Universal Standard Year) equaled 472 USD(Universal Standard Days) and 1 USD equaled 32 USH(Universal Standard Hours). The calendar began with 0 USY which marked the formation of the Council.

Covert OperationsEdit

With the increasing emergence of eldritch threats, the Intergalactic Council needed a way to ensure its protection and the protection of its individual members. To that end, the Council held a meeting between its more developed members and discussed a method of ridding themselves of this dire dilemma.

The end result of this meeting was the creation of C.O.T.I, colloquially known as the Challengers of the Infinite. C.O.T.I is the sum total of all the member races' scientific and magical knowledge compiled into an efficient force dedicated to the eradication of eldritch threats.

C.O.T.I was officially created in 6245 USY, however, the Intergalactic Council does not claim C.O.T.I as being under its control, given the nature of C.O.T.I's mission, yet it has virtually unbounded jurisdiction. It is a strictly covert organization, operating underneath the radar as possible, keeping the unsuspecting civilians blissfully unaware of such cosmic threats.

At some point in time, the organization split into two factions due to some differences in ideology. From that point onward, the C.O.T.I was split into the C.O.T.U, the Challengers of the Unknown. C.O.T.U is far more pragmatic and calculating than C.O.T.I, which has led to some conflict over the years.


As with all organizations, C.O.T.I/C.O.T.U has various departments that perform highly specialized functions and tasks.

The Dawn CabalEdit

The Dawn Cabal is, for all intents and purposes, the central authority for C.O.T.I (C.O.T.U has the Twilight Cabal). It is composed of 5 greatest political, military, magical, and scientific leaders in the known universe. As such, any and all action is considered on all fronts before it is implemented, making sure the taken action is efficient and unseen. It is the ultimate authority within the organization and no action within the organization escapes its knowledge and vision.